Accutech AG1000

Available with feeders to suit differing material flow characteristics, and is suitable for bag sizes from 10kg to 100kg in paper, plastic, polypropylene, etc.

  • Operating settings stored for multiple material / bag weight combinations
  • Electro-pneumatic bag holder on load cells
  • Option of manual cam-grip bag holder for non-dusty materials.
    Electronic Controller mounted and fully wired
  • Optional aspiration of area around bag holder for hazardous materials
  • Automatic in-flight compensation for optimum speed and accuracy
  • Jog facility to ensure no underweight bags.
  • Robust floor mounting
  • Available with the AT-30 Electric Controller
  • Loading hopper capacity extensions
  • 304 & 316 Stainless Steel Options available for food safety and corrosive materials
  • Custom support stands c/w cat ladder and guide rails
  • Voltage Stabilizers (For fluctuation in power)
  • Customized Bagging Spouts (for different bag sizes)
  • AMIC software System (AccuTech management Information Centre)
  • Bag Closing Lines available
  • IP65 Enclosures
  • Powder Coating color request
  • Service Contracts
  • Training
  • Mobility (Truck, Bakkie, Container or wheels)

We can  design any feeder to your required production rate.

  • Screw Feeders – Single Dual Triple or Quad (All sizes)
  • Gravity Gate – High Speed(Servo Motor) or AG4 gravity gate
  • Vibratory Feeder – Single Dual, Triple, or Quad, Tray sizes customisable
  • Valve Filler

6-8  bpm – 10kg – 4.8t/h – 480 bags per hour

6bmp – 20-25kg – 9T/h – 360 bags per hour

5bmp – 50kg – 15T/h – 300 bags per hour


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