Gantry Systems



Optimized positioning of the supporting gantry or crane can be a crucial factor in the successful implementation of a new, suspended load handling system. Transportation of the load must be ergonomically managed to prevent unnecessary strains or physical stress on the operator. Palamatic designs the lifting aid to the task and the crane system to the process environment, with the occupational health of the operator always at the forefront of considerations.

Ergonomically, the lifting aid is only as good as the gantry from which it is suspended. Palamatic supply a complete range of overhead support systems individually rated for use with vacuum lifting units. Palamatic gantries are available in a hygienic stainless steel manufacture. This design minimises internal cavities and flat surfaces to prevent product build-up and facilitate clean down. AccuTech locally manufacture some of the jibs in an effort to decrease the costing for various clients



Swing Jib Crane

Standard Swing Jib

Articulated Arm Jib

Knuckle Jib for restricted plant layouts

Bridge System, H Style

For covering larger area’s

Other Types of Gantry options

Carbon Fibre, Stainless Steel, Movable Gantry Systems ect…

  • Plastic and Paper Sack Lifting
  • Burlap, Hessian and Polywoven Sack Lifting
  • Bag/ Liner Lifting using Hook or Gripper
  • Sack and Box Lifting on the same Processing Line
  • Stainless Steel Sack Lifting Systems for Sanitary Areas
  • One handed options

Swing Jib Gantry systems are ideal for coverage of a production area where one process is taking place. The lifting system runs up and down the jib and the swing arm moves side to side giving 270 degree coverage.

The jib is most commonly supported from a centre post support pillar, but can also be supported from existing steelwork, wall mounted or ceiling mounted.

Where headroom is an issue, an inverted jib can be offered which can also offer 300 degree coverage.

The knuckle type or aticulated jib is used where the standard design interferes with plant layouts. All articulated arm jibs can be suspended from vertical steel columns or from existing stanchions. In some cases these can also be fitted to building walls, although in this case (and in the case of the existing stanchion) the suitability of such is the customers’ responsibility. Mobile base plates are available for some slewing jib cranes. This crane can be transported using the clients’ fork-lift truck for use in different parts of the factory.

Sanitary gantry systems can be offered for use in environments where food, diary or pharmaceutical product are being handled.

H Style gantry systems can be used to cover large working areas. Supported from either floor mounted support pillars or existing structural steel work.

Lighter weight aluminium systems can be offered for easier movement of the lifting system around the area.


  • Virtually eliminates the risk of personal injury and property damage
  • Operator does not need touch the load during handling (operated by easy to use finger-tip controls)
  • Minimal physical effort is required to lift and transport payload
  • Reduce risk of injuries to the operator commonly associated with manual handling
  • Reduce absenteeism caused by injury sustained during manual handling
  • Reduce risk of costly insurance claim against organisation through an injury received during manual handling

Reliable and Rugged

  • Alternative power options available (electrical or air)
  • Built to work and last
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • For many applications, one single maintenance check-up per year is required
  • Versatile; works on uneven surfaces, inclines, porous objects and so on…
  • Increase overall product throughput
  • Powered by 3ph 300 – 415v 50Hz and/or 3ph 380 – 480 60Hz
  • Compact enough to fit in restricted access environments
  • Turn on vacuum pump using starter isolator (see options)
  • Grip control handle and operate raise action via control lever to lift unit
  • Walk over to product stack using free movement of support gantry
  • Use control lever to lower and position tooling onto the centre of gravity of the load
  • Use control lever to raise load away from original location
  • Walk over to destination location using free movement of gantry
  • Position load onto position

Palamatic Spares (Coming Soon)