Vacuum Lifters

Palamatic provide materials handling equipment including vacuum lifters and engineered lifting and handling solutions for all general industries

Palamatic design quality vacuum lifting systems.  Industrial Sectors each face unique problems when moving materials throughout operation.  Our knowledge has built up over years of working with companies in over 20 manufacturing industries. The Palamatic Vacuum Lifter concept is simply about offering distinct categories that combine to lift loads from 10kg (22lbs) or less up to 400kg (880lbs).

We offer two distinct ranges of Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems:

Palamatic S-LINE incorporating a vacuum control assembly with side handle generally where design mimics operators natural action.This range of products remains a good standard system for general operating processes such as sack lifting and box lifting.

The new Palamatic LITE uses one handed operation and is ideal for fast, speedy operations utilising a trigger control valve design and control head adaptors that fit like a glove.

Choose from the vacuum lifting product solutions below for our standard systems.

This includes Woodworking, Chemicals, Food, Packaging, Refractory, White Goods, Printing and Logistics. Our aim is to reduce operator effort and protect your valuable product in difficult handling situations.

Sack Lifters

Box Lifters

Drum Barrel &Keg Lifters

Board, Panel & Door Lifters

Reel and Roll Lifters

Rubber Bale and Block Lifters

Pallet Lifters

Sheet Lifters – Steel