Portable Bag Closers


  • Sealed in oil against dust, dirt and foreign particles.
  • Easily adaptable to your existing equipment.
  • Fischbein’s patented, pressurised, self-lubricating system protects moving parts.

Any type of heavy duty, high speed bag closing.

  • Stitch Range: From 6 to 12,5mm.
  • RPM: up to 2200/min. max.
  • Sewing speed: max 37 metres per minute at max. stitch length.
  • Capacity: up to 39 bags/min for a bag width of 600mm.
  • Machine is 56kg.
  • Standard shear type knives.
  • Optional rotary knife system available.
  • Option pneumatic thread pusher available.
  • Pressurized self lubricating.

Bad Closing Spares (Coming Soon)