AccuTech Management Infomation Centre (AMIC)

The Internet of Things…

The information technology revolution has made the manual collection and calculation of plant performances figures a thing of the past.

The inter connection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday scales, enabling the user for live reporting. AMIC provides an instant view of the operation of all scales and key performance figures. Improved production and net of quality control are a direct result.

Become enabled with AccuTech’s specialized array of technology

  • User configurable windows into your plant.
  • User configurable reports.
  • Up to 64 scales.
  • Requires Windows
  • Direct scale controller access with simulated display and keypad.
  • Log of alarms and operator actions maintained.
  • Updates Automatically
  • Totally customizable giving you milling loss, rate/ hour

The Amic system use the Alink software package for collection of data from the scales, and other data sources such as PLCs, in the plant.

Mill operation figures are stored on a shift or daily basis. These may be recovered for report generation over any specified period.