The AccuTech AT-30 is the latest in the AT series of weighing controllers from AccuTech. Designed for speed, accuracy, and reliability for all your weighing applications.

Operator interface

The 2 line, 20 character, backlit, LCD display, and 20 key membrane keypad provide the operator interface to the controller. This allows for full text messages simplifying operation.

Up to 3 operator interface panels may be linked to the controller for remote access.
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Process weighing
Nett and gross bag filling
Batch mixing and blending
Belt weighing and feeding
Loss in weight bag filling and feeding

Computer link

Multiple AT-30 controllers may be linked to a host computer using the RS232 or RS485 serial interface, and a standard communications protocol. A software package is available to collect data from all scales and make it available in DDE format to other Windows packages. This allows direct display of any scale information in a spreadsheet or database.

Easy to use menu driven operation.
Up to 16 input or output signals.
Pluggable input / output modules.
Auxiliary 24V power supply.
Analogue input and output signals.
Optional integral 24 column printer.
RS232 / RS485 communications to SCADA or PLC.
Multiple operator stations may be linked to the controller for remote data access and control.