Welcome to AccuTech Weighing Services

Established in 1991, has grown to become the leading supplier of advanced automatic weighing equipment to the grain milling industry in Africa.

AccuTech specializes in the local manufacturing of a comprehensive range of weighing equipment.

Our product lineup includes:

  • AT-30 Controller
  • Process Weighers
  • High-speed Bagging Machines
  • Batch Mixing Control and Blending Systems
  • Feeding Systems
  • Hot Melt Glue Sealers
  • Smalls Packing Solutions
  • Nett Weighing and Gross Weighing Systems
  • Live Mill Monitoring System (AMIC)

Our Supply Partners

In addition to our own manufactured products, we are proud to supply the Palamatic range of lifting and bag slitting equipment, along with the BinMaster range of level control equipment.

Our expertise also extends to handling turnkey projects that encompass weighing, material storage and transfer, automatic bag placing, and palletizing in collaboration with Paterson Hughes.

Furthermore, we serve as agents for Italpack in Italy, offering fully automatic paper bag packing solutions. Notably, our aviation systems (Atrax) have been installed in major airports across South Africa.

Fiorini International

Global Reach

With a track record of over 15,000 installations across Africa, Europe, and South America, we are committed to providing exceptional technical support.

Our Randburg head office offers round-the-clock assistance, and we have distributor networks in Durban, Cape Town, Zimbabwe, Morocco, and soon in Nigeria and the UK.

Custom  Setups

At AccuTech, we prioritize customized solutions that cater to your specific requirements.

Our products are meticulously designed with user-friendliness in mind.

Moreover, our proprietary Mill Management Software has empowered numerous customers with cutting-edge technology to keep them ahead of the competition.